Shoe Repair & Dyeing
At Bayside Hills Shoe service we will have your shoes looks like new. Using only the best materials,
we will resole, re-heel and refinish your shoes to prolong the life of your favorite comfortable shoes.
Shoe Winterizing Service
We do winterize and waterproof all leather Ladies and Men's & kids shoes and boots.  

                                                    UGG Australia cleaning Service
Our expert shoe cobbles  are specialist in cleaning the UGG Australia Women's & Men's boots.


                                                 Shoe Shine Service
When getting your shoes shined we will clean your shoes to remove any dirt or dust and then we
use a dry cleaning agent to remove any old wax build. After that we condition the leather to make it
resilient and soft and then finish by sealing the shoe with a high quality leather luster.

                                                      Boots Repair
We will pick stitches, set shanks, add tacks, super prime the leather, and treat the upper according
to the skin. When we hand your boots back to you, they will be as good as new.

      Handbag & Luggage Repair
Don't let a broken strap or worn corner stop you from carrying that designer bag. We can repair all
fine and designer handbags. Our expert can repair your broken straps, worn  corners and tears.
                                                           Zippers Repaired
Damaged or worn zipper? No Problem! Many times we can simply re-gap the slider tolerances to
restore the proper zipping action and can replace the slider or the entire zipper if needed.

                                                Custom Leather Service
At Bayside Hills Shoe Service, we are more than just shoes, bags and jackets. If you have a special
leather item, chances are we can repair or refinish it.

      Watch Battery replacement
We have a great selection of Watch Batteries & Bands for most watches and we can replaced them
while you wai
We are specialized in repairing most brands of ladies and mans shoes including designer brands such as
Jimmy Choo  ~  Christian Louboutin  ~  Manolo Blahnik  ~  Louis Vuitton
* All repairs done by second generation Shoe Cobbler - Master Craftsman *