Don't let a broken strap or worn corner stop you from carrying that designer bag. We can repair all fine and designer handbags. Our experts
can repair your broken and worn straps. The refinishing of a good leather handbag includes cleaning and conditioning. If you have damaged or
worn zipper we can simply re-gap the slider tolerances to restore the proper zipping action and can replace the slider or the entire zipper if
needed. You can bring your shoes, handbags, jackets, and luggage for us to repair the zipper. At Bayside Hills Shoe Service, we are more
than just shoes, bags and jackets. If you have a special leather item, chances are we can repair or refinish it. We also have a great selection
of watch batteries bands for most watches and we can replace them while you wait. At our store we are proud to provide a full line of shoe care
and shoe comfort products for you. Our products will help extend the life of your shoes making them more comfortable to wear. From
cleaners and polishes to stretchers and insole comfort aids, we have the shoe care products to keep your shoes looking and feeling their
best. So please stop by and say hello let us know how we can help you.
At Bayside Hills Shoe Service we are proud to be second generation shoe
Cobblers. We have been serving the Bayside Queens community for over
25 years. Using only the finest materials, we will resole, re-heel and refinish
your shoes to prolong the life of your favorite comfortable shoes. When
getting your shoes shined we will clean your shoes to remove any dirt or
dust and then we use a dry cleaning agent to remove any old wax build.
After that we condition the leather to make it resilient and soft and then
finish by sealing the shoe with a high quality leather luster cream to polish
the leather to a high shine finish. We will pick stitches, set shanks, add
tacks, super prime the leather, and treat the upper according to the skin.  
When we hand your boots back to you, they will be as good as ne
* All repairs done by second generation Shoe Cobbler - Master Craftsman *